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We strongly believe that breeding should have a positive purpose. When considering breeding, we take into consideration the risks, pain and discomforts a pregnant female may endure throughout a pregnancy.

We always hope for a successful outcome with an easy delivery and speedy recovery for the dam but you need to be aware that it may not always be the case. Neapolitan Mastiffs can often times require a cesarean section to deliver a litter due to the size of the puppies or the litter itself.

When a puppy is too big to pass through the birth canal it can get stuck and put the entire litter and/or mothers life at risk. Considering that a

c-section will possibly be the safer way to go, it is imperative that you understand that this too has risks of its own.

Keep in mind that although these are big dogs, neos are sensitive to anesthesia. Any time you put any pet under anesthetics, there are risks involved. Therefore, it is recommended to attend a veterinarian that has a fair to good amount of experience with the breed.

You'd be surprised how many of your local animal clinics lack experience, and knowledge of treatment for neos. These are some of the reason why we do not like putting any of my females through constant breedings.

Although our puppies are in high demand, we do not breed our females back to back.

Our breedings are occasional!

We are are not looking to exploit the breed! 

When and if a breeding is performed, we do our breedings in house and under full responsibility of breeding healthy dogs only!

Under no circumstances would we breed any dogs with medical problems.

Our ultimate goal in why we only breed occasionally is to provide families with an exceptionally loyal, healthy pup of remarkable quality whom will develop the ability to protect their families, home, and properties by natural guarding instinct!

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