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This page has been created to provide you with crucial information in regards to this very important matter "Beware of Scammers".  Let's go straight to the point! There are sites out there that were created with stolen images, stolen testimonials and full of false information with intent to scam you, the buyer! They have stolen our images and they created a name similar to ours with the intent to scam anyone they can. We have received a high volume of inquiries and messages through here and our Instagram account in regards to this. Therefore, we thought of publishing this information here in hopes of avoiding you from getting scammed!

People have been asking us the following questions:

  • If we have a Kennel in the state of Virginia, Utha, Texas?

  • If we have a different website for Virginia Kennel?

  • If we have mastiffs available in another state besides California? 

  • If we have family selling our dogs in another state?   

  • If we sell bull mastiffs?

  • If we sell our pups on Facebook?

List goes on...​!!

The answer to all these questions is NO!!!

And NO we do not use any other social media platform besides Instagram. Facebook accounts containing our pictures are scammers stealing our images and videos posting them pretending to be us.


We are not affiliated with ANYONE else from anywhere! We are an individual family located in the Inland Empire in California. We DO NOT sell our pups through anyone else and we do not have any relationship with those SCAMMERS!


Our name is INLAND EMPIRE MASTINOS and nothing more! They have gone so far as to add one word to our name to make it similar such as

"Inland Empire Mastinos Kennel" or "Inland Empire Mastinos Home

and pretend to be us or claim the name as theirs. There is no doubt they are nothing but a fake, as all 6 dogs you see on our header are owned by us and live in our home in CALIFORNIA!! We only own Neapolitan Mastiffs and breed occasionally as we do not like to over work our pack or females. We DO NOT offer bull mastiffs or any other breed!

Be aware, at this point you should realize that the pups they offer most likely DO NOT exist. We have gotten messages from people saying they paid them money and never received a puppy! It is very unfortunate for these families and after they are forced to do some research they come across us! For some people sadly it was to late as they had already gotten scammed. In one occasion we had someone tell us that they confronted the scammers about finding us, the real INLAND EMPIRE MASTINOS and those scammers claimed we are their parents who own the California Kennel and they are in charge of the Virginia one.

That is also FALSE!!!


The following images are screenshots we've gathered from browsing through the SCAMMERS site and information provided to us from victims that have unfortunately been scammed by these individuals. We are providing these images so that you become aware!!! 

If you see anything like these please be very careful, DO NOT get scammed!! And always remember, not just right now but ANYTIME you are considering making an online purchase, be careful, google as much as you can, study the information, ask questions, do not rush into anything specially if it feels sketchy in ANY way!!!

contact us.jpg

As much as they try to make everything look "legit" you are the one who has the last call. Remember, this is what they do for a living so they will do whatever they have to do, to make you believe they are legit!

In the following screenshots you will see STOLEN and ALTERED testimonials!

Some of these belong to our well known friends from Old World and paying attention you would notice that some of these testimonials are written out to Marcus, yet when you contact these individuals they give other names such as Anthony, Pierce Nolan, Justin Malachi and many more... 

Below the testimonial screenshots you will see their fake and ridiculous "Privacy Policy" in which they clearly state they collect your personal information. Keep in mind you are sending it straight into the hands of a scammer!

airplaine 2.jpg

Some sources of communication they use are e-mail, calls and text. Here we'll provide you with some of those details. These are the emails and phone numbers reported as being used by them:

(804) 742-0697 and (757) 797-4162 and (512)952-7732

Now they created a new email and go by the name of "Western Empire Mastiffs Kennel" and claim to be located in Texas.


These scammers have also stolen OUR logo and created these forms, which they use to take ALL of your personal information. If you have been scammed by them or anyone else be sure to file a report.  

sale app.jpg

Anyone who wishes to send me any additional information to be published here is welcome to do so, as all this information is publish with the intent to help innocent people and their families.

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