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"The Neo was treasured for his protective personality, one that would guard the family farm or estate for many years"

"Massive is the word that best describes the Neapolitan Mastiff..."


"You, as the Neapolitan Mastiff owner must always be aware of the thoughts and behavior of your dog, and must combine this awareness with responsible, consistent, discipline"

Welcome to Inland Empire Mastinos


We are located in the Inland Empire in the beautiful state of California.

Here at Inland Empire Mastinos we are an enthusiastic family who devotes boundless love and energy to our dogs and breeding program. When a breeding does occur, our goal is not only to provide you with a healthy, strongly built Neapolitan Mastiff with exclusive temperament, but also to provide help and support before, during, and after the process of getting your Neapolitan Mastiff puppy. 

Whether you’re simply looking for a companion, a pet, or a majestic head turning beast, you’ve came to the right place!

Getting your puppy from Inland Empire Mastinos we guarantee your new puppy will be the spotlight anywhere he goes!!

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As responsible breeders we care about each dog we bring into the world and we will always take positive steps to ensure that our dogs do not end up in a shelter or rescue center.

Before placing our puppies in their new homes we may interview interested parties and/or potential buyers. We are honest about the qualities of the dogs we have previously bred and we offer to always be available to you to answer any questions you may have regarding your new puppy. We will always gladly take back or help place a dog we have bred if you can no longer care for it. We ensure that the dogs we  produce are capable of full healthy, happy lives, sound in mind, body and temperament. Our dogs are always vet checked and attend yearly examinations and stay up to date on their vaccinations and deworming. As seen on our gallery and videos page, we are usually active and involved in local community dog events and socializing our dogs.  



As exciting as it always can be to think of getting your new puppy, lots of thought and consideration should be given before bringing home a new pet. Having a pet is a lifetime commitment, and you should be certain that you are ready. With so many wonderful breeds in mind to choose from by now you have most likely already put thought into selecting what breed will best fit into your family and/or your daily lifestyle. If you have decided to go with the Neapolitan Mastiff now you need to select a breeder. Do your research and find a responsible, conscientious breeder who breeds quality Neapolitan Mastiffs and who is a reliable source of help as you and your new puppy adjust to life together.


Where possible, the kennel should be visited. The kennel usually consists of indoor or outdoor runs and exercise yards, or it may be simply the breeders home. Kennels should be clean and free of excrement, just like the puppies. This goes for all of the dogs in the kennel, they should all be clean and should have fresh water and shade available at all times. The runs should be large enough to accommodate the size of the dog contained therein. The dogs should appear healthy, friendly and outgoing towards humans. The health of the older dogs will tell you a great deal about the kennel. The ideal situation when purchasing a puppy is the ability to see both sire and dam but, when this is not possible, at least the dam should be available for viewing. The dam should be in good condition-healthy, strong, well fed and possessing the proper look and temperament that would warrant her being bred. 

(Examples of how clean kennels should appear pictured bellow)



Puppies should always be raised in the house in constant contact with people, sounds, and everyday household events. Puppies should be active and playful, eager to meet people and not shy. There should be no discharge from the eyes nose or ears, and the gums should be pink and firm. A puppy should be plump, and should move around freely without signs of lameness. Pick a puppy that will naturally follow you, is not upset over sudden loud sounds and has confidence to explore new areas without fear. Your puppy should have had at least one set of shots, preferably two, and should have been dewormed and examined by a veterinarian.

Your breeder of choice should provide you with a pedigree, registration papers, pamphlets on puppy care, feeding instructions and maintenance. The puppies should be available for viewing at eight weeks of age when the immunity provided from their dam’s milk has worn off and their vaccinations have taken hold. Once the puppy goes home with a new owner, the veterinarian will continue the pup on an appropriate vaccination schedule. Although Show Quality puppies are bred and raised with emphasis on physical conformation, here we strive equally for good temperaments. 


(Show Quality pup pictured bellow, Ambush at 8 wks old)



If you would like more information about this breed you can refer to our "About the Breed" page and/or other informational sites or books. Please be sure to study as much as you can on this breed's characteristics, breed standard, common health issues, behavior and every day care if you have never owned one before. It is always better to have a good idea of what to expect with your new puppy. Another important factor when purchasing your Neapolitan mastiff puppy is, once you have studied the breed standard, you should be able to differentiate why some are sold for such a low price versus those that are at the higher end price range.

Every pet is precious NO MATTER WHAT!! 

However, the example shown bellow is simply given to provide an idea or a visual on "the variation" of looks in what some would call a Neapolitan mastiff. 

We all know the saying "You get what You pay For"...

but it is also completely okay to have different preferences or desires in what you want your particular pet to look like! 


High end price 



Low end price

Thank you for visiting Inland Empire Mastinos! Before you go, dont forget to subscribe to our mailing list bellow for news and updates and if you have any questions feel free to use our "CONTACT US" page for a prompt response.   



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